How do you compare the Mini with Commercial-scale Extruders?

The Mini can support a production of 1 ton per day of soybeans which is slightly less than the output on 1 acre (0.4 Hectares).  In other words, one Mini can support production on roughly 100 hectares per year.  

The smallest commercial-scale extruder may use about 50 HP motor and process about 7 metric tons of soybeans per day which means that it requires an output of roughly 700 hectares to support one extruder.  That may be too large to support a community-level business.  The investment in the Mini is a fraction of the investment in commercial-scale plants, making the Mini very attractive. A business centered round the Mini can be easily replicated in several communities and provide a basis for widespread national participation in the value-chain.  When farmers can see utilization of crops and benefit directly from its derivative products, they will be invested in the projects and make them successful.  


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