Complementary Equipment

  1. Oil-Expelling Attachment - Oil Expelling Attachment is suitable to recover 50% of available oil in the seeds.
  2. Oil Filtration - A plate-filter to remove meal particles.
  3. Seed Feeding Mechanism - Motorized Attachment for Feeding seeds comprising of a 15 kg tank, feeding barrel with screw conveyor, and a 1/16 HP, DC Motor and a Variable Speed Drive   
  4. Seed Cleaner - Motorized Bench-Top Seed Cleaner with an Inlet Feed Hopper, Cleaning Shoe with two (2) 10” x 15” Screens, 1/6 Hp, TEFC, Motor and Drive, Adjustable Air Bottom Fan, Clean Seed Collection Box, Back Air Catchall for Light Seed / Dust Collection
  5. Oil Press - Motorized screw press with 2 HP motor for processing 20-25 kg/hr of extruded seeds
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