Mini-Expeller-100 kg/hr








Mini-Expeller-40 kg/hr

Mini-Expeller can extract anywhere from 50% to 80% oil contained in the Extruded Meal.  The Expelled Meal is considered Partially Defatted meal because it still contains residual oil.  Both full-fat and (partial) defatted meal are typically fed to the animals, birds, and fish.  In some cases, such meal can also be suitable for human consumption.  The meal is obviously a great source of protein.  Moreover, the oil contained in the meal is a valuable source of “energy” or “calories”.  Both protein and fat are essential nutrients for growth and survival.

The extruded meal from the Mini-Extruder is fed to the Mini-Expeller to separate oil from the meal.  The oil is squeezed in the Expeller and collected.  The other output of the press is “defatted” meal. The expeller can be adjusted for the amount of pressure and throughput applied on the Extruded meal.  The oil content of defatted meal is dependent upon temperature, speed, and pressures applied in the press. Mini-Expellers are available for processing 20 kg/hr, 40 kg/hr, 100 kg/hr, 140 kg/hr, 200 kg/hr, and 500 kg/hr of Seed input.  Smaller Mini-Expellers are shown below:

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