Mini-Crush Plant centered round Mini-Extruder, Mini-Expeller, Mini-Degumming and/or Mini-Refinery is ideal for creating Mini-Business. In developed countries, health concerns are creating need for natural foods with minimal and chemical-free processing. General concerns are surfacing about food security, sustainability, and local control relating to what is produced and how it is processed. People are demanding small-scale processing capabilities to ensure control.

The problem in developing countries is the lack of adequate food chain. Though many countries have tremendous indigenous potential to grow oil seeds, there is little incentive for farmers to cultivate such crops because there is inadequate capacity to convert agricultural output into consumer products. Investors do not want to commit large resources to set up commercial scale processing plants just to find out later that there is inadequate or unreliable supply of oil seeds. Therefore, the market needs small-scale processing capabilities to develop the food chain.

The Mini-Crush Plant takes soybeans (or other oil-seeds) and converts them to protein rich meal and cooking oil. Both products have immediate use. Farmers can take control of the value chain from farm to market. This may ensure food security on a sustainable basis and generate income for the community. Mini-Business may transition into larger business upon success with small-scale production of raw materials and selling of finished products. The Mini uses 7.5 HP and can process about 50 kg of whole soybeans per hour.  While the machine can process many types of oil-crops and grains, the capacity depends upon the bulk-density, moisture and oil content, and the desired temperature profile.




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